History of
Kennerly Road Baptist Church

On September 19, 1991, the Articles of Incorporation were filed by Dr. J. Drew Conley with the South Carolina Secretary of State's office incorporating Tri-City Baptist Church of Columbia. Services began with seventeen persons at Campus I of Irmo Middle School on October 13, 1991, with the help of the Gospel Fellowship Association. The mission of the church stated in the first bulletin remains the same today:

"The ministry of Tri-City Baptist is Word-centered. Whether in the preaching, in the music, in the youth program, or in the outreach, God's written Word is our standard and God's incarnate Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, is our focus."

On January 31, 1993, the church, now with an average attendance of fifty people, moved from the school facility to a newly remodeled building (a former paint store) on Broad River Road in Columbia. On July 23, 1995, the members voted unanimously to purchase twenty acres on Kennerly Road and on April 25, 1997, in anticipation of the move, incorporated the church as "Kennerly Road Baptist Church." November 8, 1998 was the first Sunday service held in the new building with 154 people present.